Trump TV Network

I’ve said for months that Trump is really just dreaming of starting his own TV network. All the indicators are there. He is on a feverish promotion tour throughout the country on his donor’s dime. He is currently making 3 to 4 stops per day. His stops in Texas are particularly telling. There are zero political reasons to waste time in Texas, a state he will easily win. He made a stop in Connecticut, a state where he has a 1% chance of winning. A prudent campaign would never make these decisions. Then Trump was advised to make a contrite apology about his pussy gate scandal. He did not. Instead he threw red meat at his base, attacking Hillary and her husband. This was clearly Trump shoring up his future TV audience, making no effort to broaden his base. A Trump TV network is the only option to make significant money off of his base. His base can not afford to stay at any of his properties, but they do watch TV.

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