Trump hasn’t spent a penny on TV ads

The libertarian and green party candidates are out spending Trump on TV ads which is easy to do since Trump has spent $0.
My guess is Trump is hurting for money and is spending that $82 million dollars he collected in July on inflated charges for flights in his jet and any other way he can siphon money into any of his companies or relatives. Don’t forget he also brags that he’s self-funded when he really just made a loan to the campaign  that was likely repaid with some hefty interest.  He’s stuck in this until November. Why not milk it dry and show his donors what they get for their money?

Since the end of the primary season, America’s presidential candidates have spent $100 million on television advertisements. The Republican nominee, however, hasn’t spent a penny.

According to NBC News, Hillary Clinton has plowed $52 million into general-election TV spots, while Donald Trump has allocated a mere $0 to such things. That puts him far behind Libertarian nominee Gary Johnson and Green Party standard-bearer Jill Stein, who have spent $15,000 and $189,000 on ads, respectively. (Pro-Trump outside groups have spent $8 million on ads, but that’s still a fraction of what Clinton’s super-pacs have spent.)

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