Trump Foreign Policies Revealed

We here at Huh?com have a draft copy of Trump’s foreign policy. It’s very basic. Below is a summary.

1. Any country that agrees to build in their country, at their expense, a Trump hotel and assign 75% ownership of the hotel to Donald Trump will receive a favored nation status with the US.
2. Any country not agreeing to #1 will be placed on the possible nuke list.
3. Any country that ridicules or makes disparaging remarks about Donald Trump, especially remarks about his extraordinarily small hands, will get one warning. The next occurrence will result in nuclear annihilation of that country. We must operate from a position of strength.
4. The French will disassemble the Eiffel Tower and then reassemble it next to Donald Trump’s Doral golf course. The French must build a Trump hotel in the spot vacated by the Eiffel Tower. We are penalizing France because French President Hollande said Donald Trump is ‘sickening’. This will send a message to the rest of the world that there are consequence if you piss off Donald Trump.
5. The US will not only build a wall on the Mexican border but a wall will also be built on the Canadian border. Both walls will be built by a Donald Trump business since he knows best how to build the walls.
6. To strengthen our armed forces, one of Donald Trump’s businesses will become the major defense contractor and all military vehicles will be emblazoned with the Trump brand.

Coming later more details about Donald Trump’s domestic plans to make America great again utilizing Trump branded products.

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