Trump Destroyed by a Woman!

Trump went from his normal 5th grade level to a 2nd grade level. This is all the Republicans could come up with for a candidate? Trump was embarrassing and the rest of the world watched. Make America Look Stupid!

I think something important was revealed at the beginning of this debate. Trump emphasized repatriation of overseas money. I think he has a lot of tax free profits sitting overseas and he wants laws passed that will enable him to bring that money back to the US tax free. I think if the race is not close near election day, Trump will try to make a deal with Clinton to push for tax free repatriation of overseas money. Trump is hurting for money. It takes a lot of cash flow to support his lifestyle.

Trump interrupted Clinton 51 times at the debate. She interrupted him just 17 times. If Trump stayed off the campaign trail and did only debate prep from now until the next debate, he still would get destroyed by Hillary.

The Trump campaign thinks they are so clever by casting thousands of votes using scripts and proxy IPs on every online debate poll they could find. Below you see Trump claiming victory. What an idiot!

This video shows Trump being told he got 92% on Drudge Report and those idiots actually believed it was real. They are definitely in an alternate reality. Now 3 days after the debate Donald Trump is still saying he won the debate. Who would vote for anyone so far out of touch with reality?



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