Stop voting for Republicans

Face it, Republicans, especially Senate Republicans, are to blame for mass shootings that involve weapons of war. They have blood on their hands and they don’t care. They are incapable of empathy.

Many people in Texas voted for Ted Cruz. If now those people had access to a time machine would they go back in time and stop voting for Republicans?

Unfortunately, we don’t have a time machine. For every new election in the US, please vote anything but Republican if you want a much lesser chance for a mass shooting to come to your community. Nobody wants this horror.

For those that continue to vote for Republicans, you lack the empathy gene. Unless science comes up with a cure, there is no hope for you. Even after gene therapy, you may also need a heart transplant.

The Texas Governor and his cadre of emotionless dolts in the press conference definitely need empathy gene therapy. Had I gone to Uvalde I would not have been able to stop crying.

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