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This is a brand new website so I’m surfing the web to find eye opening posts made by regular Joes and Janes.

It is useless to say you will not vote for Trump but neither will you vote for Clinton. This abnegation of responsibility leaves open the chance that Trump could wind up the winner, “which all agree…would be dangerous.” One of these two will be President. If you find Trump a frightening choice you must vote for his opponent, otherwise what’s the point of your decision? This is not an election any of us can afford to sit out. If you find the two candidates are equally unpalatable (a decision I cannot believe any reasonable person can make) prepare to keep your mouth shut for the next four years since you will have given up the right to comment.

Dear Mr. Putin:
Will you please let Trump and his followers immigrate to your country? We don’t want them here any more. They are bigots, racists, xenophobes, homophobes, sexists and filled with hatred and bile.
Some — I assume — are good people.

Trump and all those that have crawled out from under their proverbial rocks to cheer him on are an enormous embarrassment to our nation.
The racists, the bigots, science deniers, the bullies, religious zealots and right wing nuts of all stripes are there for all to see.
They will be soundly defeated along with Mr. Trump this fall.
Then they will call foul, blame the “media”, label the election “rigged” and start a whole new round of conspiracy theories.

However—slowly— their minions will be ever diminishing and over the upcoming decades they will be found only in the dust bins of history, exposed as the trash they are.

Truly awful. I don’t know what was done to Donald Trump or who did it but we all have been paying for it. And not just in the last year of his bizarre campaign of hate and bigotry but the endless “birther” race baiting and the countless other ways he has found to insert his damaged psyche into the public space.
I watched his “big” immigration speech tonight with a mix of boredom, disgust and horror. Boredom because I am truly tired of the shallowness of this bully’s game. Disgust because of his shameless lying, bigotry and fear mongering. And finally horror because the crowd in attendance was cheering at all the well worn dog whistle tropes. Who are these people? Where do they live? I want to know so I can avoid meeting and interacting with them. And also, when Trump loses, as he surely will, what will become of these easily duped people? What will they do with their precious “outrage” and hate?

“Stephen Bannon, executive chairman of Breitbart News LLC, an outspoken Trump supporter and a former Goldman Sachs banker, will assume the new position of campaign chief executive….”
Wait, wait, wait… A former Goldman banker who runs Breitbart will be running the campaign???
I’m more convinced than ever that this is a piece of performance art that went horribly wrong. Trump was running for the publicity, but never thought he’d win the primaries. Now, he’s focusing on building his following, not winning. That’s why he campaigned in Connecticut, a deep blue state he has no chance of winning. That’s why he talks about “the large crowds” he draws. It all makes perfect sense.

Trump is not going to change. He’s been behaving this way for decades. What we have to try to do is get his supporters to understand that they’ve been conned. It may be too much to ask them to vote for Hillary, but maybe, just maybe, a few of them will realize the danger that Trump poses for the country. We need to ask them to withhold their vote. And maybe to stop breeding too.

I don’t think Trump is mentally ill, but I believe he has a personality disorder–more specifically, I think he’s a sociopath. His insults and character attacks on anyone who opposes him; his lack of empathy; his inability to recognize someone else’s pain, his complete lack of civility and respect for someone else’s boundaries; the way he encourages violence tell me that he is more than a narcissist. There’s obviously something wrong with the guy, no matter how it’s labeled. But what about his supporters? What about their own proclivities toward violence, vulgarities and a mob mentality? These automatons have surrendered their moral compasses and their capacity to think critically. They are willing to let Trump sacrifice the fabric of this nation, our heritage and the United States Constitution–the foundation of our government and our freedoms–as long as they have him to tell them where to stand and what to believe.

It is gratifying to see that not all Republicans are willing to risk the country to win the presidency. While the true-believer Trump supporters will excuse this away just as they excuse away every other doubt, gaffe, or lie that Trump makes, this may reach some Republicans and encourage them to ‘vote their conscience’ instead of taking the party’s mistake as their own, and thereby risking making it the country’s mistake as well. Striking also to see that it is not Trump’s evident foreign policy naivete and ignorance that raises the most concern of these signers, but Trump’s very personality and temperament, not his lack of knowledge and experience so much as his unwillingness to acknowledge any lacks or shortcomings, and his unwillingness to learn from anyone else. Trump is not only full of ‘unknown unknowns’ – he is unwilling and apparently unable to learn anything about those unknowns.

I’ve read from a lot of smart people that Trump is a pedophile himself. People have been saying this about Trump, that he’s a pedophile. I’ve also read that he personally slaughters rare west Borneo orangutans for his “hair”. I’m only repeating what I’ve read from a lot of smart people. A lot of them. That’s what they’re saying. And they’re smart.

This also needs to be a moment of reckoning for the GOP. How did their party arrive at a moment when their nominee has no regard for the Constitution, for the intricacies of foreign policy, and is enamored of dictatorial ways? Trump is certainly the most dangerous candidate we’ve seen, but he didn’t appear in a vacuum. Without some serious Republican introspection, he won’t be their last risky candidate, either.

Trump doesn’t scare me, but his supporters do. Trump is just an egomaniac opportunist, but his supporters actually believe that shit. I believe he did the birther stuff to test and see if he could get the base on his side. Guess what? Yes they are!

If he wins, he’ll probably have to fly home every night to get tucked into his golden bed and have a servant read Hitler Speeches to him so he can go to sleep. Besides,he can’t be expected to stay in a dump like the White House. Especially after there were black folks living there.

Trump is for Trump, first, last, and always. He started his candidacy as a lark, clearly not thinking he had a chance in hell but certain it would promote the Trump brand. He obviously is not fit by temperament, character, or knowledge to be president. But, his supporters are more interested in giving the Republican Party the middle finger than in picking a qualified candidate. The mind of Donald Trump? Frightening.

Trump appeals to those who operate on fear, feelings and fantasy. He doesn’t have to concern himself with facts or details because his base doesn’t require it of him.
To assign noble or altruistic traits to Trump, is nothing short of naive. He is and always has been about Trump. His extreme narcissism bears that out.
We live in a global world now. Trump’s American Great Again is code for Yep, I’ll tell ya we’re going to be all white again, gonna build a wall, deport “ferners” , take us back to the good old days and what ever other fears and feelings you may have that I can pretend to care about.
And his base believes him. He calls it undereducated. I call it naive.

I have never cried as a result of a presidential election until now. Trump is so unfit it boggles the mind as to how anyone could support him. I get it that you don’t trust Hillary but really?! To Trump supporters I say a big F**CK YOU. I am sick of you. I am 58 years old. I fought and scratched my way up. I watched all of you in my younger years take your paychecks while I was in school. It was blatantly obvious to anyone with half a brain that you needed advanced training. I took the time and spent the money to get it (BTW I cleaned houses, office buildings and kitchens through school to pay for that). My youngest brother didn’t graduate high school but he is still doing great because he started a business and learned a skill. I am so sick of the politically correct of us who have been nice to these people. We pay in our tax dollars, support programs, and volunteer in our communities to make things better for all and we are shit on I say let those of us who have sacrificed and worked our fingers to the bone defeat this awful person. He was born incredibly privileged, had the world handed to him on a silver platter, and yet has succeeded in convincing some major section of America he should be president when he should actually be imprisoned for all the crimes he has committed against ordinary people.

I’m waiting for Trump to say we need to send African-Americans back to Africa since only 1% of them support him.

I can’t believe Trump supporters fell for a possible Trump presidency. He has been coning all of you from the beginning….HE DOES NOT WANT TO BE PRESIDENT….He is broke and ran for president to gain some credibility to use Presidential candidate as title for speeches and to try to expand his business…HE IS OVER HIS HEAD!!!….

Because Trump has the temperament of a toddler and the mental capacity of a goldfish. It was never about winning, it’s just stroking his fat ego.

Obama is mostly criticized by the same people who criticize free healthcare for some reason. Truth is there is no “perfect” president and there never could be. This job takes too much of one person. It is impossible not to screw up here and there or being forced to do bad things. Obama was a good president because he was competent and tried his best to achieve good things – and he did! He also did bad things, but as I said, that comes with the job. And yet people are unsatisfied just like they always will be. Every time they are surprised that they don’t get THE perfect candidate.That is also why you shouldn’t trust candidates like Trump who sell themselves as THE perfect answer for everything. He once said: “Nobody knows this system like me. And that’s why only I can fix it.”, despite showcasing the exact opposite and having no political experience whatsoever.

Donald Trump is clearly hallucinating & here is the proof: 1) Trump recently hallucinated a letter addressed to him by the NFL – the NFL denies such a letter, 2) Trump recently hallucinated a video of an airplane full of cash being emptied by Iranians in a cash for hostage scenario – no such video ever on TV, 3) Trump hallucinated a crowd of picnicking Muslims cheering the fall of the Twin Towers – there is no video or corroboration to this hallucination, and 4) Trump recently hallucinated that Tom Kean, former Republican Governor of NY, and an 81-year old fart, was running against Mike Pence for VP. Clearly, Trump’s brain is as shot as down the tubes as his four casino/hotels.

The argument that Hillary is an undesirable candidate, that she is a terrible choice to consider as the alternative to electing Trump as president, is just complete hogwash. What is happening now is simply too serious to even entertain the thought that Donald Trump could win in November. The vilification of Clinton is outrageous. Yes, she carries baggage. Yes, she has done some things that are highly questionable. But for crying out loud, as flawed as she may seem to many people, she is a brilliant politician and has all the necessary qualifications to be our next President. Wake up, America!

Obama has run America into the ground? Do you live on planet Fox, perhaps?
Annual debt when Obama took over, 1.4 trillion. Annual debt in 2015, 460 billion.
Unemployment when Obama took over, 10.3%. Unemployment now, 4.8%.
Dow Jones Average when Obama took over, 7,900. Dow Jones now, 17,800.
Number of additional people with health benefits since Obama took over, 23 million.
Number of Americans killed by terrorists during the previous administration, over 3,000. Under Obama, less than 100.
Some failure.

It seems that the Trump program was just a rehash of Republican talking points, as he read from the teleprompter. Its immediate effect would be to comfort the comfortable; its long term, with its implicit spending cuts would be to afflict the afflicted. One analysis would have the wealthiest receive both a greater percentage cut and a hugely bigger benefit in dollars.
If I had seen his elusive tax returns, I would know how much he and his family would benefit from his reforms. As I know that Trump is a liar, a charlatan, a conman, a fraud, a misogynist, and a bigot, as well a businessman who has hurt his creditors and contractors, I hardly need analysis to know that his presentation was deceitful.

His tax returns will show that all he really does is license his name, leaving others to handle the business and risk of building. His net worth is a fraction of his blowhard pronouncements.

His next gig is selling national security secrets.

So few people agree with me on this point, but you’re absolutely right. The people voted him into the nomination. The democratic process actually worked, and it showed us how rotten we really are.

We’ve come a long way from 2008 when John McCain corrected a woman in the crowd who called Barack Obama an “Arab” and told her Obama was a decent man and she shouldn’t be afraid of him becoming President. We really have lowered the bar for what we expect from our Presidential candidates.


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