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  1. Bruce W. Tarras of Chilliwack said “the Irish were slaves too” and that he would not let an East Indian person into his house. It is so hard to put up with a bigoted racist type. He also said that the people that run the store where he picks up his smokes are terrorists (no joke here either), Said it did not matter because “he listens to Al Jazeera all the time” and , cares too much about his opinion. I believe Bruce is one of those maladaptive personality types that do this to deliberately upset people or else he is off his rocker

    1. https://pin.it/1WXSAuq

      Sherry Jane Endersby of Penticton BC, is an ex step mother of Bruce W Tarras and Cynthia L McNabb. There was a rift in our family cause by Sherry Jane Endersby 3 years ago and this person is merely attempting to defame the entire family since the falling out. Posts like these from this individual are erroneous, fake and untrue. All posts from Sherry Jane Endersby of Penticton BC regarding Bruce W Tarras and Cynthia L McNabb should not be allowed on your website as all she is doing is attempting to destroy the family name by posting defamatory libel all over every social media platform. Posts, pins, boards, photos, comments like this must stop immediately or a slander and defamation action is being perused.

      1. Bruce W. Tarras of Chilliwack, B. C. Canada said he would not let an East Indian person into his house and “the Irish were slaves too” and that the people running the store in Chilliwack (Vedder Crossing Convenience store in CB. C. Canada) where he picks up his smokes are terrorists and that his “smarter” then the stupid cop who lives in his neighbourhood. He circulated an online petition in support of Tommy Robinson the Muslim hater from England as well on Facebook for the entire world to see. He signed himself and circulated it on social media. I am sure with the Black lives matters situation now people will recognize hi as the racist he is!!!

        1. Sherry Jane Endersby is deceitful.

          Neglecting to post your outgoing calls and texts, makes your story lopsided.

          I however have the proof that you called first from your cell phone, your call was returned at the time you posted.

          You then called from Bills cell phone and again, you were called back.

          You again texted at 1:00 AM on the Friday morning you posted about above, and your text was replied to, which you posted about above and sent to his employer.

          Conveniently leaving out what you wrote Via text prior that which provoked The response you got and the resource you deserved for provoking.

          Dont worry I have screen shots and call records too, which dont lie.

          Omitting the fact that you made contact first is an out right LIE on your part and all your false and erroneous claims will never stand up in and court of law.

          The Number was changed, thus no more contact. Get over yourself, no one wants to talk to you.

          1. Bruce called me on Dec 05 early in the morning and kept on trying but my number was blocked so he kept on trying through all of Dec 5 2019, January and almost all of February I have a call log. Also sneakily pm’d me on facebook with a picture of Cynthia Lynn McNabb wearing a T shirt with the word “Proud” on it after saying the Irish were slaves too and that the people running the Vedder Crossing convenience store where he picks up his smokes are terrorists… racist Also said everything Trump does is right!!!

          2. I started getting calls form Bruce on Dec 05 2019 all the way through February 2020 He work me up I was not even away my new ipad alarm was on … it was the only only way he would have been able to get through at all.. Tell the truth …. I
            Call Log:
            Dec 05, 2019 604-847-3127 7:22pm .. call blocked..not answered
            Dec 05, 2019 604-847-3127 7:23 pm ..call blocked ..not answered
            Jan 21, 2020 604-847-3237 11:16 am .. call blocked ..not answered
            Jan 21, 2020 604-327-3237 11:09 am .. call blocked ..not answered
            Jan 25, 2020 604-847-3237 5:22 pm ..call blocked .. not answered
            Jan 27, 2020 604-847-3237 11:22 am .. call blocked .. not answered again at my end as this number had been blocked for years
            Feb 1. 2020 604-847-3237 1:00 pm ..call blocked ..not answered ..blocked again at my end
            Feb 1, 2020 604-847-3237 1:00 pm .. call blocked by me again and not answered ..number had been blocked for years and he has still kept calling me.
            Feb 19, 2020 604-847-3237 7:08 am .. call blocked at me end by me and not answered .. still inbound calling
            Thursday February 20, 2020 604-614-4282 cell phone used this time at 4:30 am in order to get past my call block .. short text received .. not too nice
            Friday February 21, 2020 1:01 am multiple texts got through and woke me up 604-614-4282 cell phone used this time again … 16 total messengers texts in from Bruce W. Tarras cell phone number from 1:01 am in the morning and progressing throughout the day until 4:40 pm on this Friday … texts were some short and some longer longests was 18 lines of text on messenger.. who has time for this when they are working????

      2. Donna C. Flanagan is Bruce’s Mommy so who cares??? I guess she cares about Martyn Scott so much that she does not mind having a son that beat up his girlfriend and steals

      3. Bruce Tarras never had a stepmother but he did say he people running the store where he picks up his smokes in Chilliwack are terrorists!! Sad but true!!! He also said that “everything Trump does is right”.

      4. This is Donna C. Flanagan’s son that she is so proud of … Violence against women!!! Just like her own father beating up her mother and his second wife as well .. of course he died as a drunk when driving.
        Document Count Offence Date Statute Nature Accused City Of Offence
        43635-1-K 1 15-Jan-2016 CCC – 266 Assault Commit TARRAS, MARTYN Scott Penticton BC
        43635-2 1 12-Sep-2016 CCC – 732.2(3)(a) Application: Change probation optional conditions TARRAS, MARTYN Scott
        43635-3 1 28-Nov-2016 CCC – 732.2(3)(b) Application to be relieved of compliance with cond TARRAS, MARTYN Scott
        43635-4 1 21-Dec-2016 CCC – 732.2(3)(b) Application to be relieved of compliance with cond TARRAS, MARTYN Scott

      5. How is this truth for you Cynthia lynn McNabb … shall I go further???
        Last Name: McNabb
        First Name: Cynthia
        Middle Name: Lynn

        Results: 1 – 2 of 2
        Last Name, First Name
        Style of Cause Classification
        of File Court Location File Number Date File Opened Date Last
        Updated View
        MCNABB, Cynthia Lynn
        MCNABB, Cynthia v KRIVOSHEIN, Ronald Supreme
        Motor Vehicle Accidents New Westminster Law Courts 182187 27Jul2016 23Jul2019 View File Details
        MCNABB, Cynthia Lynn
        Supreme Civil (General) New Westminster Law Courts 182189 27Jul2016 27Jul2016 View File Details

      6. Donna C. flanagan use to watch her Mom get beaten by her Dad … and it happend to her Stepmother as well Of course he was a drunk and her Mom was schizo

      7. Donna is Bruce’s mother whose own mother was a schizophrenic and her Dad was an alcoholic … So what does she know …..she raised sons that are both thieves ….just like her!!

    2. Sherry Jane Endersby should call the RCMP immediately and put a stop being a hate mongering internet troll.

      Sherry Jane Endersby, 737 Westminster Ave, Penticton BC, is an ex step mother of the individuals named. They had a falling out 3 years ago when the biological mother of the boys moved to town and she was so jealous and enraged she caused a fight with the eldest son.

      There was no crime committed and no arrests were made. There is no police file on this man, thus Sherry is merely attempting to defame the man since the falling out.

      She’s jealous, hateful and obsessed with these people. Spouting defamatory remarks every waking hour, every day on every social media platform.

      Posts like these from this individual are erroneous, fake and untrue.

      All posts from Sherry Jane Endersby of Penticton BC regarding Bruce W Tarras and Cynthia McNabb are false.

      She is so delusional that she has taken jokes out of context and thinks that every individual who comments on her posts are the individuates named. And thinks that every Facebook meme posted by these people are them selves posing in the meme. Like it’s directly targeted at her. I know sounds crazy right?

      Yet she doesn’t realize that these people have family and friends that will stand up for them. Including their own father.

      Sherry Jane Endersby’s has never spoken to Bruce Tarras or Martyn Tarras about her concerns regarding the the subjects that she posts on the World Wide Web. So they have never known they were in the wrong. Hence, no theft occured and nothing illegal happened here. She hasn’t called the police to have the man charged for said illegal activity, nor has she brought them to court.
      Sherry Jane Endersby Is simply angry with these two men and jealous that their biological mother moved into their town, that’s when all the rage started and she has caused a family feud beteween her hundand and his two sons. Her online activity proves it. And this has gone on over the past 3 years, to the point that these two men no longer have a relationship with their father.
      It is Sherry’s hunsband that is truly the only one being hurt as he has not seen his great grand daughter and new born great grand son He has spoken to her in attempts to stop this online harassment of his two sons and she refuses to stop. Because of Sherry Jane Endersby’s innability to let things go, she spends her days trolling the internet looking for trash to post about the two sons, she embellishes and lies about the two sons in an attempt to have them fired from their jobs and has gone to the extent of calling one of the sons employers to sending the RCMP to the other sons employers. And it doesn’t stop there.
      Sherry Jane Endersby also continually posts things online about both sons immediate families, mother, wives and ex wives families in an attempt to further hurt and defame the two sons. Sherry Jane Endersby is obsessed with her husbands two sons and it is evident to the world how crazy this woman is when she brings up things that has happened 20 years ago (when she was committed to the phsych ward). She should be banned from the internet and recommitted to the phsych ward.

      1. Bruce was NOT joking I know he was probably drunk as always and of course high on pot as always but not joking How do you explain the Tommy Robinson peitition??

      2. Donna C. flanagan son martyn overdosed in maple ridge… not everyone did … she is suffering from some misinformation of course… of course her Mommy was a schizophrenic … Now why did her son Bruce force her to call her ex brother-in-law and why her son Bruce force his girlfriend Cynthia Lynn McNabb to call his uncle in Alberta as well. Because he is snivelling little Momma’s boy!! Wonder who stole the cash from the safe … fess up Donna!!! sure a lot like your sons!!

  2. Sherry Jane Endersby Needs a Family History Lesson.

    It appears that you have only been spoon fed half truths your entire life with your common law husband.

    Sit down and listen, because school is in session.

    Their father was 17 when he enlisted in the military. Because he was underage, his father signed him up. Shortly after that, he received a dis-hounerable discharge for assaulting his superior officer.

    One of the sons was abused by a care taker when he was very young and the proper care by a qualified physiologist was not allowed because it was a too expensive and, the boy was told to suck it up and be a man.

    The eldest boy is lactose intolerant and allergic to several foods, mould and fungus including penicillin. Do you know what happens when children can not drink milk or have any dairy along with many other nutritious foods? Of course not, you’ve never raised any children of your own, and thank god for the human race that you didn’t reproduce. Anyway back on topic… Their bones and teeth do not gat the calcium that they need to grow stronger, they in-fact deteriorate. The eldest boy has broken every bone in his body, through out his lifetime, not to mention being in a near fatal ATV accident, breaking his back, dislocating his jaw and knocking his upper teeth out. Yet you mock him for his appearance and lack of teeth? How dare you mock victims of circumstances beyond their control.

    Their father was charged with fraud and embezzlement and went to jail he spent 2 years at the Mission Institution for his crime. This left the stay at home mom to care for 2 boys aged 8 and 12 who played hockey and football at the time. This incurred a lot of debt and the family never really had a lot of money after that. If there was even $10,000 to their name, it was likely from Their fathers illegal activity and or proceeds of crime. Otherwise it would be in a bank account.

    After this, Their father was always looking to earn cash any which way he could to skirt paying taxes, even if it was illegal. He took his youngest son across the border to engage in some sort of illegal activity and when the FBI caught onto him, he fled and flew back to Toronto. Abandoning his 18 year old son somewhere in the middle of USA, with no money or ID, in a strange country where he didn’t know how to get back home.

    Their father used to run a used car lot and when people owed him money, he would call up one of his shady buddies to go collect. If the individuals didn’t have the money to pay up, they would take their car and the father would force his eldest son to sign the papers over so the car could be resold. This happened on a regular basis.

    You say that everything is in your name? And that you can do whatever you want with it, including harassing the boys via phone calls and text messages, provoking them to respond. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that one out, Their fathers a criminal and is skirting around having to pay taxes, thus putting everything in your name alleviates him from the burden of having it all taken away when he is caught. Including your so called green van, yes it was in your name, but Their father drove it as you had your own car and the van was for Him to drive. So once again he wanted it sold and forced his eldest son to sign the paperwork.

    Let me spell that out for you. Your husband is a criminal. Plain and simple a con. When you think you know everything about the family, you actually have no clue. But now you know a little background on the family and their father, let that sink in for a while and please feel free to ask him about all of this. I highly doubt he will be honest, after all he is a con… and will just deflect and place blame on the mother or whatever excuse he can come up with.

    He is the reason why the boys ended up the way they did, they watched their father their entire life, after all father knows best. Right? Oh silly me, I forgot… I’m speaking to someone who has never had or raised a family, and knows nothing of what that’s about, yet seems to “know it all”.

    1. Donna C. flanagan stole 50 K from a safe ….and her son Martyn even stole her credit card his ex-‘s cell phone and from a Children’s charity, electronics from the Brick Warehouse right in front of a n off duty cop and assaulted his girlfriend and had to overnight it in jail …. far too old for that behaviour Donna C. Flanagan Dad use to beat both of his wives … night treatment that she passed onto her sons to behave like as well …. Keep on whipping that wet dish towel against a female’s legs why don’t you Bruce?? And beat up another deck chair perhaps … that would be wonderful…. Momma’s boy!!

  3. Hard to o argue with this:

    ocument Count Offence Date Statute Nature Accused City Of Offence
    43635-1-K 1 15-Jan-2016 CCC – 266 Assault Commit TARRAS, MARTYN Scott Penticton BC
    43635-2 1 12-Sep-2016 CCC – 732.2(3)(a) Application: Change probation optional conditions TARRAS, MARTYN Scott
    43635-3 1 28-Nov-2016 CCC – 732.2(3)(b) Application to be relieved of compliance with cond TARRAS, MARTYN Scott
    43635-4 1 21-Dec-2016 CCC – 732.2(3)(b) Application to be relieved of compliance with cond TARRAS, MARTYN Scott

    1. Search Criteria:

      Last Name: Endersby
      First Name: Sherry
      Middle Name: Jane

      Results: 1 – 1 of 1

      Last Name, First Name, Style of Cause: ENDERSBY, Sherry Jane
      Classification of File: Supreme Foreclosure
      Court Location: Vancouver Law Courts
      File Number: 040563
      Date File Opened: 15 Jul 2004
      Updated: 23 Mar 2006

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