Donald Trump Suggests ‘Second Amendment People’ Could Act Against Hillary Clinton

This bonehead statement by Trump should create another wave of Republicans distancing themselves from Trump. He thinks that when he says something this stupid that what people will latch onto is the lie that started it all, that Hillary is for abolishing the 2nd amendment. Which is total bullshit.

This comment I saw from Dennis on sums it up better:

I’ve noticed that this is a recurring rhetorical technique employed by Trump: say something that at first blush seems incendiary on its face, followed immediately by pulling his punch with a disingenuous “I don’t know”–upon which the dog-whistle crowd goes nuts. Then, after the media picks it up, the campaign offers up an “alternative” explanation for the remarks that is the picture of innocence, but has little to nothing to do with what he implied or his audience actually heard.

Another quote from jk I found on the web:

This is truly a defining moment. A major party candidate for President has suggested – either in poor jest, or intentionally – that supporters of the 2nd Amendment should “respond” to a President Clinton’s judicial nominations. I am now in agreement with those who have questioned Trump’s mental capacity – only someone who has no impulse control, no ability to think before he speaks, no existence of rationale thought – would say something like this at a campaign rally.

And to those who try to argue it was a joke, or he was “only” trying to rally people who believe in the 2nd Amendment, I suggest you listen to the entire statement again. Now consider what would happen if he were facing some sort of international crisis as President and he blurted out some ill advised, highly questionable and threatening statement about the leader of another country, particularly an ally. Would the world laugh it off too?

If the idea of a Trump presidency doesn’t scare you then I truly pity you, because you are incapable of seeing reality….


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